Introduction to Data Analysis and Data Dashboard with Python (Synchronous E-Learning)

Paul Chor
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Course Objectives


Introduction to Data Analysis and Data Dashboard with Python which is 100% SkillsFuture Credit-Claimable. Take the first steps to mastering Python and learning data analysis with this beginner-friendly course! You will learn how to filter and summarize CSV and Excel files using Python scripts, as well as display the results as tables, graphs and other visualizations that are accessible online!

This course is specially designed for total beginners with no technical experience, with plenty of hands-on application and interaction with the instructor. Practical exercises will be provided so that you will be able to hone your skills and put them to use.


  • Learn without confusing jargon
  • Build your confidence with practical hands-on sessions and practices
  • Step-by-step coding demo with the instructor
  • Useful examples with finished source codes are provided


Basic Python

  • Storing and Manipulating data
    • Store data in variables and manipulate them using expressions.
    • StoreUnderstand the different data types and how to use them
  • Interactive programming
    • Let the user provide data to a Python program using input functions.
    • Create custom functions for reusable processes and formulas.
  • Decision making
    • Using conditional statements to represent decision making in business use cases.
  • Automating Python
    • Repeat processes until all work is done or a condition is met.
  • Storing vast amount of data
    • Using data structures in Python store lists and tabular data

Data Analysis

  • Cleaning up data from CSV and Excel files
    • Ensure that data in CSV and Excel files are consistent and not missing important information
  • Filtering and summarizing CSV and Excel files
    • Add filters and generate summary reports, such as pivot tables, from CSV and Excel files using Python.


  • Automate processing of CSV and Excel files
    • Use Python to process numerous files with a single script.

Data Visualization

  • Creating data visualization from CSV and Excel files
    • Generating graphs, charts and table using with Ploty
  • Creating a web-based data dashboard
    • Use Python Dash to create a web-based dashboard that others can access.


At the end of the course, trainees are able to:
Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and will be able to create useful data visualizations from Excel and CSV files and display them on a website.


  • You want to provide timely graphs and reports on how your business is doing
  • You are always applying formulas and filtering many Excel files with >10,000 rows
  • You are looking for ways to automate report generations from Excel and CSV files
  • You want to learn coding
  • You are keen to venture into being a data scientist
  • You are usually intrigued by machine learning and want to know how it works
  • You simply want to learn Python because it is now widely known as the top programming language

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      Passionate Software developer for more than 10 years, Specialises in teaching new beginners in Python