Trading Skills for the Financial Markets (Stocks, Forex, Commodities) (Synchronous E-Learning)

Spencer Li
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Course Objectives


This 100% SkillsFuture credit-claimable Course will give you the skills and roadmap to build a secondary source of income to plan for early financial freedom, by building an all-weather portfolio that can perform well in any market conditions, and also market timing skills to create additional cashflow from short and medium-term trades.

By learning the key principles of how money works, you can shorten your financial freedom journey by:

  • Learning how to grow and compound your wealth to retire faster and earlier (putting the same money in the right place at the right time)
  • Learning how to build a long-term investment portfolio that can generate passive income for you even when you are not working
  • Learning how to generate additional income from catching profitable medium-term moves in the market by spending 15 minutes a day

This is the roadmap that Mr Spencer Li, an experienced Trainer for this Course has used, to transform from a broke college student at 21 to gaining financial freedom at 28, over 7 years, by following a systematic process of building wealth consistently.

In the Course, Spencer will impart the same skills and roadmap which you can use to start your financial journey.

The Course will focus on the technical skills and practical hands-on training required to analyse any market (stocks, forex, commodities) using the same charts and technical tools as market professionals.

After imparting a solid foundation and framework for analysis, we will also delve into risk management and portfolio construction, from a fund manager’s perspective.


  • 1. Different Types of Portfolio Objectives
    • What is the difference between active and passive income?
    • Which type of income should a fund focus on building first?
    • Identify the main objective
    • What assets and cashflow will that portfolio have?
  • 2. Overview of Markets & Financial Products
    • Brief overview of various products: stocks, ETFs, REITs (real estate), forex, crypto, options, futures, commodities, etc
    • What products are best for each type of portfolio objective?
    • Should we focus on local stocks vs. overseas stocks?
  • 3. Hedge Fund Portfolio Strategies
    • The Permanent Portfolio (similar to Ray Dalio’s All-Weather Portfolio)
    • The Barbell Portfolio
    • Comparison with financial advisors and robo-advisors
  • 4. The Probability Game
    • Learn about probabilities, risk and reward in making decisions
    • Learn how this applies to investment and trading decisions
  • 5. Price Charts Analysis & Market Timing
    • How to read any price chart in as little as 15 seconds, whether it is a stock, forex, crypto chart, etc
    • How to use price charts to make better decisions, whether you are trading or doing long-term investing
  • 6. How to Spot Big Trends & Reversals with Technical Analysis
    • How to use simple and freely available tools (in unique ways) to understand what is happening in the markets
    • How professionals use classic tools like trendlines, channels, support & resistance, price patterns, etc
  • 7. Precision-Timing with Price Action & Candlestick Patterns
    • How simple candlestick patterns can greatly reduce our risk in trading, by getting in just as the counter is about to make a move
    • Why candlestick patterns are just the tip of the iceberg in price action analysis
  • 8. How to Manage Our Risk for Stress-free Trading
    • Learn how to create a comprehensive trading plan
    • How to apply the same risk management strategies used by professional funds for portfolio
    • How to balance trading/investing allocation mapped to objectives and risk assessment
  • 9. Hands-on Practice with Case Studies and Q&A Session
    • Applying everything that has been taught, craft a sample portfolio, an investment plan, and a trading plan
    • We will work together on real-life examples (group work + presentations) using all the new skills we have learnt


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Learn about all the different products and markets and find the optimal portfolio allocation mix that best suits your objectives, or your client’s objectives if you are a financial professional
  • Learn how to craft an investment portfolio from scratch, such as how much to optimally allocate to stocks, bonds, property, crypto, trading, “big bets”, etc
  • The best type of portfolio strategy to use, depending on whether you or your client (if you are a financial professional) is a student, a young working adult, or looking to build a retirement portfolio, etc
  • Master the essential skills of technical analysis, such as chart reading, trend analysis, price patterns, candlestick patterns, risk management, etc
  • Simple and effective trading/portfolio strategies you can apply immediately to your work as a financial profesisonal to provide another dimension of analysis from the big players


  • You are a beginner, and you want to learn the basic core skills of trading and investing which can be applied with minimal time
  • You want to generate better returns for retirement or financial security
  • You are an investor or trader who wants to achieve consistency and take your results to the next level
  • You are a finance professional, aspiring fund manager, or planning to enter private equity or proprietary trading
  • You are a business owner or working in a company that handles currency transactions from different countries
  • You are in an investment or analyst role that involves analysing various markets using different tools
  • You are in a human resource role who needs to identify the right talents with the relevant investing and trading skillsets for your organisation

What Others Say About “Trading Skills for the Financial Markets” Course

“Spencer has developed his own way of reading charts to understand markets”

The Business Times

“Learnt how to do my portfolio strategy, how trading can help grow portfolio to financial freedom, learnt hitrate, RR Ratio, 2% and 6% Rule for trades.”

“Candlestick and chart patterns. Chart drawing with RR in mind. Risk management of our capital.”

“Key takeaways: Understanding how to read the graphs, the access to resources and the 2% 6% strategies.”

“Discipline, how to risks manage and position size.”

“Learnt to consider putting resources into different baskets, back-test and balance it at certain intervals, how to manage risks (2% and 6% rule), and how to use tools.”

“Key takeaways: Market trends, price action and candlestick patterns. Customised trading plan. The 4 trading setups. How to be profitable and position size; 2% risk rule and 6% rule.”

“Key takeaways: Probability game and its implications for life cycle and strategy. Increased comfort in using Trading View, 2% and 6% rules and inverse relationship with risk-reward.”

“Learnt about portfolio macro and micro indicators that work in technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Understood candlestick charting and the tools available in trading view.”

“Asset rotation portfolio strategies. Understand TP, EP, SL, RR ratio. The 2% rule for safe trading.”

“Identify patterns and riding trend. Understanding own preferred style of trading and crafting trading plan. 2% and 6% rule, protect capital.”

“Understanding short position, entry price, stoploss and take profit. Proper money management, risk-reward ratio. Analyse chart before market open, see the trend.”

“Difference between trading and investment. Trading strategies and plans. How to make good decisions to make a trade with patterns and price actions.”

“Key takewaways: How to decide position sizing based on my capital. Risks-reward ration so I can assess if it is worth to enter at that price, or wait for lower price. Look at pattern to see bullish or bearish.”

“Trading plan and journal – improve trading. Better understanding and techniques of crafting portfolio. Availability of good articles, guides and materials for reading and to apply in trading.”

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Beyond the 100% SkillsFuture Credit – Claimable 9-hour Zoom live class taught by our highly-experienced trainer and professional trader Spencer Li, you will also get access to the recorded link of the Zoom class you have attended to recap what you have learnt, at your own pace. You will also get access to regular market updates and great learning content relating to sharpening your trading and investment skills by Spencer.

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