Search Engine Optimisation to Increase Traffic and Leads for Your Business

Eugene Macarius
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Course Objectives


Search Engine Optimisation to Increase Traffic and Leads for Your Business which is 100% SkillsFuture Credit-Claimable.

  • Understand the Search Engine Wars & the Evolution of Search.
  • Have a better understanding of what are some of the key factors Google looks for when it comes to ranking websites.
  • Learn Effective Research methods to plan for the SEO.
  • How to use available tools to obtain the right keywords for SEO.
  • Apply proven SEO strategies to improve your SEO rankings.
  • Have a strong on-Page SEO Skillsets for SEO Success.
  • Able to understand what Off-Page SEO is and how we can use this to our advantage.
  • Understand the emerging technologies and the road ahead.


Module 1 – What is Search Engine Optimisation

  • The Evolution of Search & Emergence of Google
  • A Search Engine Results Page Deconstructed
  • Inside the mind of a Search Engine Spider: Key Factors of Search Engines Optimisation
  • What is The Google Love Google Concept and why is this important

Module 2 – What to do before you start SEO?

  • Research for SEO: Market, Customer, Competitor & Media Research
  • Understanding Keywords: General Vs Keywords with Commercial Intent
  • Keywords Lingo for SEO: Short-tail vs Long-tail Keywords
  • Understanding Google Trends & Google Keyword Planner Tool for SEO
  • The SEO Planning process: the use of Navigation, Category, Tags, URLs

Module 3 – How to Think Like A Search Engine Spider: The Anatomy of a Website & how these affect SEO?

  • What are the key elements needed for a Website to rank?
  • Do Domain Names Affect SEO?
  • Website Load Speed & Mobile Optimisation & SSL
  • Web Hosting & Location of Hosting
  • Internal or On Page Factors
  • External or Off Page Factors
  • Tracking & Information Gathering
  • Statistics & Analytics
  • The Secret Informant to Google
  • The importance of good SEO planning for your website with the use of Navigation, Category, Tags, URLs.
  • Recommended WordPress plugins for SEO.

Module 4 – On-Page SEO & Youtube Optimisation

  • What is On-Page SEO optimization on websites?
  • Why do On-Page SEO? What are the benefits of On Page SEO?
  • Planning the Optimal Website Links for SEO. ▷ Domain and URL: Best practices
  • Page Content Optimisation Best Practices & Strategies.
  • Page Meta Tags and Descriptions – Are they still useful for SEO?
  • Image Optimisation Best Practices & Strategies.
  • How to rank on Youtube and Video Optimisation

Module 5 – Off-Page SEO

  • The definition of Off-Page SEO.
  • Link-building
  • Press Release
  • Content Marketing on Social Media

Module 6 – AN SEO Mind Map for SEO Success

  • How does Google Index your site? An SEO Mind-map.
  • How to inform Google your website exists?
  • Sitemaps, Google Search Console
  • Emerging Technologies & the Road Ahead


  • Instant Telegram Group with DIRECT ACCESS to the Trainer for after course support
  • Monthly “Ask me Anything” Webinar for learners
  • FREE Learner’s Vault with access to over 60 Videos on Digital Marketing Topics, for learners to increase their understanding and knowledge on other digital marketing topics, apart from SEO.


At the end of the course, trainees are able to be able to work independently on improving SEO for their website and maximise their website traffic and leads.

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