Digital Forensics

Frank Butler
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Course Objectives

Course Objectives

This course allows participants to understand the fundamentals of Digital Forensics. Basic knowledge of the skills required for Digital Forensics will be taught along with industry-wide processes.

Course Content
  • How computers work / What constitutes digital:
    • Basic file and folder relationship
    • Understanding of what constitutes a file
    • Basic data structures (Hexadecimal, decimal, binary)
    • Basic storage concepts (sectors, clusters, volumes, disks)
  • What constitutes Digital Forensics:
    • Concepts of hiding data
    • Discussion on deleted data
    • Definition of digital forensics
  • Where may Digital Evidence be found:
    • Understanding of what digital media is
    • Looking for digital media
  • Preservation and security of evidence:
    • Security of physical evidence
    • Difference between physical and digital
    • Methods of seizure and storage
    • Rules pertaining to seizure and storage
  • Principles of best practice for digital evidence / Legality of Digital Evidence:
    • Principles of best practices for digital evidence
    • Legalities of digital evidence in Singapore
  • Techniques of acquisition of evidence:
    • Discussion of acquisition techniques
    • Practical training of drive acquisition
  • Brief introduction of analysis techniques:
    • Understanding of analysis methods
    • Analysis of data in system

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, trainees are able to:

  • How computers work
  • What constitutes Digital Forensics
  • Where may Digital Evidence be found
  • Preservation and security of evidence
  • Principles of best practice for digital evidence / Legality of Digital Evidence
  • Perform simple acquisition of digital media
  • Techniques of acquisition of evidence
  • Brief introduction of analysis techniques

About Instructor

  • Frank Butler

    More than 30 years experience in Digital Forensics, Inaugural President, High Technology Crime Investigation Association (UK Chapter)