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Trainer, Introduction to Data Analysis and Data Dashboard with Python (Online Live Class)

Paul Chor has been developing software for more than ten years, and has been teaching for five years at Ngee Ann Polytechnic as an adjunct lecturer and other private schools. He specializes in teaching to new beginners, catering for the layperson to understand and grasp complex processes and concepts easily, using little jargons in his explanation.


Paul was really engaging and pushed me to be confident with my answers. He guided me skillfully and patiently. It was a great experience being his student as his expertise is wide and often gives tips for easier understanding. Thanks Paul!
— Jasreen

Paul was very profound in many programming languages, he was very thorough in terms of making sure lessons are tailored according to my syllabus. He made the impossible seem possible as every lesson was managed in a structure that was both productive and engaging. He is someone who takes the time to understand your concerns and work on it to build both your knowledge and confidence. He has definitely made a difference towards my understanding of Java. Strongly recommended!
—  TX

Paul is a very excellent teacher in teaching coding. He ensures that I understand each logic before moving on to the next topic. He also ensures that my learning curve to understand the coding language is minimized to a level of simple yet effective way of understanding . I will recommend paul to any friends or relatives i know that are in need of help for coding
— Jun Kit

Paul is an excellent tutor. He explains complicated concepts with simple and relatable examples and is always open to questions to ensure that you have understood the concept. Really appreciated that he was willing to go beyond to take the time to learn a programming language that he was not as familiar with so that he could teach me when I requested. Wonderful teacher. I highly recommend him! 🙂
—  Nicholas B.