Facilitation Skills for Team Leader

Benny Lee
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Course Objectives


  • Facilitation and the role of the facilitator
    • Learners to understand the difference between training, coaching and facilitation.
  • Tools of facilitation
    • Introduce tools like: Ice breakers, Energizers, the use of flip chart and markers, powerpoint presentation, etc.
  • Classroom setup
    • Learners are introduced on the various format of classroom setups to serve various learning purposes.
  • Making Interventions
    • Roles of ground rules, importance of feedback and timekeeping in facilitation.
  • Techniques of facilitation
    • Learners are introduced to the various facilitation technique in a meeting or training session:
      • Check-in
      • Agenda items
      • Assign meeting roles
      • Practice active listening
      • Put together themes derive from the meeting/training session to reframe the conversation
      • Allow time for Reflection
      • Encourage and balance participation
      • Learn to re-energise
      • Provide closure
  • Methods of facilitation
    • Learners are introduced to key facilitation techniques: Role Play, Affinity Diagram, Games and World Café

About Instructor

  • Benny Lee

    Master of Science in Skills and Workforce Development, Certified ScrumMaster® (Transforming the World of Work), WSQ Curriculum Developer and Assessor, DACE and ACTA Certified