Technology & the Future of Business (Synchronous E-Learning)

Spencer Li
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Course Objectives


In this day and age, technology is an essential part of our lives.

For business owners, it is essential to incorporate technology into your business to compete, thrive, and scale.

For individuals, knowing the future trends of technology is essential if you want to make sound decisions about your choice of studies or career.

For both businesses and individuals, understanding the technology landscape and knowing how to invest in it is probably the most important skill in the 21st Century.


  • 1. Outline and Timeline of Technology
    • What is technology?
    • How has technology developed?
    • Roadmap of technology
  • 2. Future of Technology
    • What are the current big trends?
    • What are the next big trends?
  • 3. Consumer Trends
    • Future of shopping
    • Future of advertising
    • Future of entertainment
    • Future of education
    • Future of health
    • Future of longevity
    • Future of finance
    • Future of food
  • 4. Impact on Individuals
    • What should my kids study?
    • What career skills should I master?
    • How to future-proof myself?
    • Dangers & risks of technology
  • 5. Impact on Businesses
    • How to implement technology in my business?
    • Should I change my business model?
    • What kind of business or side hustle should I start?
    • Dangers & risks of technology
  • 6. How Can We Invest in Technology?
    • Invest in knowledge & skills
    • Invest in people
    • Invest in companies, financial products
  • 7. Technology in the Financial Markets
    • How to find the best tech stocks
    • How to find the best tech ETFs
    • Blockchain & cryptocurrencies
  • 8. Hands-on Practice with Case Studies and Q&A Session
    • Applying everything that has been taught, craft an action plan to position yourself or your company to ride on the technology wave
    • We will work together on real-life examples (group work + presentations) using all the new skills we have learnt


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Learn about the major current and future trends of technology, to have a bird’s eye view of the technology landscape
  • As individuals, how we can future-proof our personal lives by taking advantage of technology, while avoiding the pitfalls
  • As business owners or employees, how we can pivot our business models to ride on the wave of technology, instead of getting left behind
  • How we can generate compounding returns on technology by investing in the right knowledge, skills, people and market opportunities, which will enable our business and economy to thrive.


  • Jobseekers: Discover where the opportunities are, and what new skills to acquire
  • SME owners: How to pivot your business model to suit the new economy
  • Investment and analyst roles: How to invest in technology via financial products
  • Data scientists and developers: Discover new ideas for products and services
  • Marketing roles: How to leverage on digital marketing and new media
  • HR roles: How to find people with the relevant tech skillsets
  • Business development roles: How to unlock new markets by exploring new verticals
  • Operation roles: How to use tech to streamline and automate processes

What Others Say About “Technology & the Future of Business” Course

“Thanks Spencer, very good training, a lot of content to absorb. Here is what I liked:
1. The 12 forces that will drive the future – interesting way to evaluate what job skills that I need to acquire to get ahead in my career.
2. Interesting to learn how insiders like investment banks and funds do stock analysis and valuation, very different from what I read online and in books.
3. Holistic and good overview on Crypto, SPACs, NFTs, I enjoy the hands-on session where we got to find the best investment opportunities, and what Spencer is currently investing in.”

“Good insights into future tech opportunities. Different ways to invest in tech – especially crypto. How to analyse tech stocks.”

“Good understanding of various technology stocks and tools to research stocks on financial market data.”

“Good understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, SPAC and analysis of tech stock.”

“The macro view to look at tech trends, like applications and big trends, 12 forces. Intro to charting and analysis. Basics into blockchain.”

“Good summary of the various technologies and future of businesses with links to further readings. Basic analysis skills on why we choose certain technology stocks. Good advice with short listed technology ETF counters.”

“Better understanding of how tech is shaping the future. Stock analysis fundamentals. Basics of charting and how to look at tech stocks.”

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