Facebook Marketing & Sales Accelerator Course (Synchronous E-Learning)

Alaric Ong
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Course Objectives


The Facebook Marketing & Sales Accelerator Course (Synchronous E-Learning) which is 100% SkillsFuture Credit-Claimable, educates trainees on how to market and sell their products and services through the use of social media via Facebook as a tool. Trainees will be taught how to optimise sales and marketing efforts via various features of Facebook.

By learning social media marketing, they would be able to remain job-competitive and be proficient in utilising social media marketing as a way to increase their company’s revenue as well as to engage customers.


  • Organic Lead Generation: How to get up to 4,000 real, targeted followers and leads on Facebook.
  • Facebook Automation Software: Software that helps you to automatically add friends, like posts, join groups and many other functions.
  • Advanced Facebook Ads: How to launch and scale Facebook Advertisements. There will be an effective and proven system that will be shared in details with trainees. This proven system is a real-life case study result of trainer spending SGD$30,000 every month on Facebook Ads.
  • Effective Copywriting / Script for Optimal Sales Conversion: 4-step script to prospect and plan your daily schedule to meet prospective customers efficiently.
  • Events Marketing Blueprint: The exact follow-up templates, copywriting and proven systems that have been used to market hundreds of events, and make $4,000 to $12,000 per event (real-life case study industry experience)
  • How to utilise and embed digital marketing tools in Facebook
  • Effective omni-channel online marketing
  • Tried-and-tested sales and marketing strategies/techniques/skills to achieve the following:
    • How to make $3,000 in next 30 days
    • How to get 1000 likes and 10K views on any Facebook post
    • Effective copywriting ad templates


  • Lifetime access to Facebook Marketing and Sales Accelerator Online course which can be replayed again and again. Contents to this online course are regularly updated.
  • One-year access in Whatsapp Group with learning support where trainees can ask any questions they have.


At the end of the course, trainees are able to:

  • Market products and services proficiently and efficiently using Facebook, through tried-and-tested sales and digital marketing strategies.
  • Optimise sales and marketing efforts via various features of Facebook
  • Perform social media marketing to grow their company’s revenue with proven systems and methodology


  • Beginner in social media marketing
  • Wants to deepen skills in sales and marketing using Facebook
  • Wants to increase revenue of company using Facebook as a tool

Here’s What Learners from our recent batches of SkillsFuture SG-supported classes say about “Facebook Marketing and Sales Accelerator Course”

“The course is comprehensive and useful for everyone who wants to learn about digital marketing and sales. Keep up the amazing work!

The step-by-step training is easy to learn and absorb, it is easy to apply and implement into my Facebook marketing.”

Rachel Ang

“Alaric is passionate about equipping his students with actionable steps to reach their goals in marketing, sales and branding. He also shares on the right mindsets to have.”

Lynn Tan

“Very informative and learn more new things about Facebook ads. Great, inspiring speaker and add value to what we learn. Great speaker. Know his trade well.”

Own Tien Siang

“Easy to understand and can apply immediately to get results and earn some money in due time. It is not a get-rich quick. It is a skill that equips us to prepare for the now and ahead. I will strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn a skill for their future.”

Daniel Ang

“It is value-for-money course. Need to go through all materials again. Need to put into practice to accelerate. The instructors are young yet very resourceful. Think fast, speak fast and super efficient.”

Thia Har Lian

“Alaric Ong is very well-versed in the course and he was very patient with everyone and we could ask questions and he would breakdown certain jargons and explain them. Assistant trainer was also very good.”

“Confident and knows what he is teaching!”

Seah Wee Seng

“Very useful course!”

Ang Yong Yee

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