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Frank Butler has over 30 years’ experience working in Digital Forensics and investigations.

He had over 26 years’ continuous service as a Detective with the Merseyside Police, in Liverpool, UK. Spending the last 7 years of his service as the officer in charge of the Force’s Computer Crime Unit.

He served as supervisor of the Force Financial Investigation Unit and spent a long period as a supervisory investigator in the Commercial Fraud Squad. He had the benefit of a protracted attachment to the Force Press liaison office. He is the holder of the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

The Association of Chief Police Officers for England and Wales (ACPO) seconded a small group of officers to formulate National responses on Computer-based Child Pornography and latterly on Electronic Evidence, he was a member and co-author of each working party.
In his role as the supervisor of the Computer Crime Unit of the Merseyside Police, it grew to become one of the most successful and prolific Units in the Country.

Frank has appeared on numerous occasions as an expert witness in the Magistrates, Coroners, Crown Court and Court of Criminal Appeal in the UK. He has been cited and published in numerous publications and periodicals worldwide.

He was an appointed trainer at the FBI Academy at Quantico in Virginia and a designated trainer for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), as well as for the US Departments of State and Justice.

Mr Butler was the inaugural President of the UK chapter of HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association) and is a member of the Singapore Chapter.

He spent 15 years as a Director of Global Partner Training at Guidance Software Inc. based at locations in the UK, USA and Asia, having trained over 1700 students in the process and been responsible for class development design and management.

Frank Butler EnCE is an instructor at Bounga Informatics. Bounga Informatics is the Authorised Training Partner in Singapore and the Regional Distributor of EnCase and Tableau products for South East Asia.