They say all the right things, give good benefits, and the top-level leaders are mostly great. I worked there for nearly four years – first as an APM, then as a product manager. I liked the coffee bar, free lunches, and nearly everyone I worked with on the engineering side was terrific. I was given opportunities for mobility, and worked on four different major products while I was there.

indeed company reviews

The teachers get scrutinized for every little indiscretion. Instead of communicating effectively with the staff about improvements or misunderstandings they make assumptions and accusations about who you are as a teacher. You will be subjected to work under a microscope while having to prove your worth as an educator. Instead of being defined by your efforts on how you teach and care for these children review the teachers are unfairly assessed by managements misguided thoughts and ideas of what a teacher is supposed to be. The teachers get told when and how to do their responsibilities all while being under the pressure of working with inflexibility from management. Each teacher and class is different therefore it is unrealistic to think that all children should learn and be taught the same way.


To avoid redundancy in our top picks, we didn’t include job boards that were alike or were already picked up by larger aggregator sites like Zip Recruiter or Indeed. Others didn’t make it because they offer less visibility or don’t include competitive recruiting tools. LinkedIn and Indeed are both well-established sites that offer free and paid job posting options, as well as access to a large pool of candidates across the globe. However, Indeed is likely to reach a bigger, more general audience, whereas LinkedIn is primarily geared toward professionals.

indeed company reviews

Carshield has changed my life for the better in many ways, socially, financially, and mentally. The managers here aren’t just role models but they are there to help when anything goes on in life. I my self have personally been able to connect with my managers about personal things in life that haven’t been held against me. They have helped me grow into one of the best reps in my department. Without their help I wouldn’t be where I am at right now. I was truly afraid to take the leap of faith of working at a call center, but I am honestly thankfully blessed for being given the oppurtunity to work for this company. They care about all of their eomplpyees and that’s what made me love this job more then any of the ones I have had in the past.

Best Professional Job Boards

Flexjobs promotes options for flexible and remote workers on its membership-only posting site. An Employer Membership grants you unlimited job posts and resume searches, along with ATS integration and additional search filters. However, freelancers on Flexjobs must also pay a subscription to find jobs. This arguably limits visibility if you’re looking for employees, because many job seekers may not be willing to pay for access when most other job boards are free. Online job boards are a recruiter’s primary tool thanks to their established popularity among job seekers – top websites like Zip Recruiter and LinkedIn have millions of monthly visitors worldwide. The best job boards facilitate the hiring process even further with intelligent recruiting software, sponsored job posts, and company branding services. Job seekers can search for opportunities by job title, keyword, company, or location.

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  • HR specialists and recruiters can also search for candidates that have already uploaded a resume and completed a profile on one of the job posting websites.
  • A list of the top job boards for hiring professionals in the U.K.
  • I will share that Indeed doesn’t pride itself on pay, but the organization has so many benefits / ways to connect with teammates and other teams that it just makes your day so much fun.

Resume writing and LinkedIn profile improvement, for example, might cost hundreds of dollars or more. Keep in mind that with so large a company, experience may vary based on supervisors.