Our Belief

Renew and rejuvenate perspectives, skills and knowledge for individuals and organisations globally.

Who are We?

Trivelope comprises of a team of consultants, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in our own specialised fields.  We believe in giving people in the hospitality field the extra edge that puts one on the winning side. It is through your talented and hardworking people that drive the success of your business. We are committed to serve you to drive your business success.


What Do We Do?


TriVelope comprises of a team of trainers and consultants, each of whom has several years of experience in our own specialised fields.  The acronym of our organisation name “TriVelope” is derived from the terms: Train, Develop, Educate.  We aim to train, develop and educate through hands-on, practical experiential learning and curriculum based on market trends.  

Our course offerings are from diverse areas, of which the quality of trainers are carefully curated. Our courses are taught by highly-experienced and knowledgeable trainers who are veterans in their own fields.  Beyond knowledge transfer, trainees can glean insights and accelerate their learning through the sharing of trainers’ pitfalls and lessons learnt in the real business world.  

We are also a one-stop consultancy centre providing a wide range of food and beverage consulting services. We can support our clients at almost every stage of the business, from restaurant opening, store-front marketing, train-the-trainers, operations, customer service, audit to franchise development. We also possess several years of experience in carrying out training and curriculum development work for franchisees, both locally and regionally.

Where Are We?

We are primarily located in Singapore and are aligned with your business needs in Singapore and across the region. We have consultants who possess regional franchising experience.  We are committed to your business needs and can be stationed overseas on a project basis.