Walmart, Target, Lowe’s and other retailers reported weaker-than-expected earnings this week, prompting a stock market sell-off. Inflation was up 8.6% over the past year, the federal government said Friday, leading to a sharp decline in stock markets Monday. But if your instincts lean toward protecting your backside, you can find all the tools you need in your brokerage account. Higher commodity prices are another consequence of the war, which also could dampen global economic growth. Much may depend on how long hostilities persist and whether the conflict spreads to other countries. U.S. stocks, as measured by the benchmark S&P 500 index, officially fell into “bear market” territory in June 2022.

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Amid rising inflation and recession fears, the S&P 500 is now officially in a bear market after its worst week since March 2020. Stock futures rose in the early hours of Wednesday as investors await the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike slated to be announced later in the day. WTI crude oil remains below $100 per barrel as demand for gasoline remains lower than pre-pandemic levels, which is the result of high prices at the pump. As a result, the price is hovering around the high-$95 per barrel range, up roughly 0.5% from the previous close. However, it is important to remember that this is a lagging indicator, meaning that the current demand has the potential to be much lower as inflation continues to impact people’s purchasing power. Nonetheless, it appears that the market likes what it sees from today’s report.

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“Supply constraints that initially led to some of the inflationary issues are not fully resolved. At the same time, neither consumers nor businesses are cutting back on spending.” Russia’s war with Ukraine is also contributing to inflation pressures, particularly in relation to the food and energy sectors. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (CMG $1,510) announced adjusted Q2 EPS of $9.30 that beat the Factset estimate of $9.03 per share, although revenues only grew 17% y/y to $2.2 billion, as opposed to the forecasted $2.3 billion. The company noted its pricing power–the ability to adjust prices–helped offset the increase in food, beverage and packaging costs caused by inflation. Additionally, Chipotle saw an increase in purchase frequency from its main customers, who are higher household income consumers, while the frequency from lower income households slowed down. The company also reaffirmed its outlook for Q3, stating that it expects comparable restaurant sales growth, and planned price rate increases in August, to come in around the mid to high-single digits. The company said in a dynamic environment it saw strong demand, took market share, and increased customer commitment to its cloud platform.

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  • Faced with historic inflation, the Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates to drive prices lower, but the move could slow spending and increase the chance of a recession.
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    “When you look at big tech, they were priced under the expectation that business would be perfect forever. This quarter is questioning that,” said David Bahnsen, the chief investment officer for the Bahnsen Group, a Forex news wealth management firm. “You have both valuation coming down and questions about the seeming perfection of their businesses. As they’ve done all year, technology stocks fared worse than the broader market on Friday.

    stock market news today

    The article, citing people familiar with the matter, indicated a filing could come as soon as this week. TipRanks is a comprehensive investing tool that allows private investors and day traders to see the measured performance of anyone who provides financial advice. The IMF now expects global growth to decelerate to 3.2% in 2022, following a 6.1% growth in 2021. This is the third time the entity cut its 2022 growth forecast. Moreover, global growth is expected to decelerate further to 2.9% in 2023, sharply below April’s projection of a 3.6% expansion.