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Trainer and Coach
Critical Thinking and Forex Trading MBA (Finance)

Jeremy has over 30 years of work experience in engineering and management position covering design & engineering, global sourcing & procurement, research & development, business development, business consulting, corporate training, forex trading, and investing across various industries. He is also a certified Practicing Management Consultant with the PMC Certification Board, Singapore.

Jeremy has been a consultant & trainer since year 2000. As business consultant, Jeremy is deeply involved in the local SME space due to his deep interest in helping local enterprises to scale up their businesses in ASEAN. He has provided consultancy to more than 200 companies in strengthening their finance, operation and innovation management capabilities through projects such as business reengineering, intellectual property management, corporate branding, business franchising and regionalization. He has also spent the last few years engaging a community of forex/bond traders in order to research and evaluate the various trading strategies and study the traders’ psychology and emotions in forex and bond trading. Jeremy has been testing and evaluating the performance of various software algorithms for forex trading. He also coaches people on the forex trading with the application of Critical Thinking and Technical Analysis using tools like Bollinger Bands and MACD.

As corporate trainer, Jeremy is passionate in facilitating subjects such as Critical Thinking, Creativity & Innovation, Coaching for Performance, Ethical Reasoning, Forex Trading, Project Management, Managing Difficult People, Stock Investment, System Thinking and System Dynamics. Jeremy is known for his engaging approach and his ability to make a subject easy for understanding. He is currently working with Victor Say to apply Critical Thinking in Forex Trading to improve the skillsets of traders in forex trading.

Jeremy is also a Master Coach in Critical Thinking. He has done in depth research on Critical Thinking and he applies the framework to different job functions including Forex Trading and Stock Investment. He coaches individuals to apply Critical Thinking to achieve success in different job functions.

Jeremy conducting a workshop on Critical Thinking for a group of Professionals.

Trivelope Trainers


Trainer, Facebook Marketing & Sales Accelerator Course
Has one of the largest Facebook marketing community in Singapore
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Lifelong Learner

Alaric Ong became an entrepreneur at a really young age. His first business is on healthy food delivery business called BulletXpress. Using his marketing strategies, he sealed a deal with DBS bank where they sent emails to 10,300 of their staff to advertise for him. 

His second business is on the development of an entrepreneurship platform, where he built a team of 140 people in 10 months across various sectors, including tailor-made shirts, personal development courses, domestic helpers and electricity. 

Alaric’s third business is the set-up of a sales and marketing agency, where it help businesses to find ways to increase their sales. Clients are from a range of industries: hotels, wellness, beauty, financial products, network marketing and others. His fourth business,, involves a 6-figure e-commerce business selling cosmetics.  Alaric’s fifth business is on coaching individuals, of which through the generous sharing of his deep knowledge on Facebook marketing and his diverse experience in various industries, it has grown to one of the largest Facebook marketing community in Singapore with over 1,000 members.

Alaric’s vision is to create “A World Where Everyone Wins”. His mission is “To empower people to become the best versions of themselves”.

This is why he constantly puts out content and conducts seminars to share his knowledge and add value to as many people as possible.