Trivelope Trainers


PhD in Intelligent Tutoring Systems relating to Artificial Intelligence
Professional Certified Trainer, Human Resources Development Fund
Taught programming for 26 years
Tech Advisor

Dr Christine Lee has been teaching programming for 26 years. She is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at a University College and a Tech Advisor. With a PhD in Intelligent Tutoring Systems relating to Artificial Intelligence, Dr Christine is a Fellow of AAET (ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology) and a Professional Certified Trainer with the Human Resources Development Fund.

The modules that she teaches include Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Programming and Software Development, and Cloud Computing. She had also conducted workshops and corporate training on Python, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, C++ programming and COBOL programming.

She has been invited as a Conference Speaker to present in countries such as the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Dr Christine Lee, who teaches Trivelope’s SkillsFuture credit-eligible “How to Create Apps Using Python with Zero Programming Knowledge” course, is featured in the news as speaker in two international conferences and a workshop on the Future of Jobs and Data Analytics organised by Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.