Specialised Ingrown Nail course

Kris Kwek
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Course Objectives


The causes of an ingrown nail are improper trimming of the nail, a hereditary condition, improper shoe fitting, injury or nail picking.

The course equips trainees with a good and sound knowledge about definition and causes of ingrown nails, proper nailcare technique to trim ingrown nails as well as the proper ways to avoid ingrown nails.


Study of Nail Diseases and Disorders

  • Sanitization and Sterilization procedures

Study of Nail Shapes & Structures

  • Proper ways of filing techniques according to nail shapes
  • Purpose of nail buffing

Study of Ingrown Nails

  • Definition and explanation what are Ingrown Nails
  • Types of Ingrown Nails
  • Guide and Show how to identify Ingrown Nails

Demonstrate use of different tools for Ingrown Nail

Techniques of cutting Ingrown Nail

  • Steps and Procedures
  • How to trim cuticles
  • Proper way of trimming ingrown toenails

Nail-care for Ingrown Nail

  • Causes of Fungus infection
  • Ways to prevent Fungus infection
  • Proper ways to avoid
  • Recap of the proper way to trim cuticles and toenails with ingrown conditions


The course comprises of a mixture of trainer’s demonstration as well as sufficient hands-on, highly practical and interactive sessions that are instructor-led. In view of the small class size, trainer will observe and give practical, customised advice on the spot for each trainee. There will be step-by-step instructions for hands-on practice sessions and customised correction from trainer throughout the course.


At the end of the course, trainees are able to:

  • Confidently educate people with ingrown nails on proper nailcare techniques for those with perpetual ingrown conditions as well as those whose ingrown nails are caused by external factors.
  • Trainees will also be able to confidently perform trimming ingrown nails with proper nail-cutting techniques.

About Instructor

  • Kris Kwek

    Business owner of makeup and nail salon, Professional make-up artist