Trivelope Trainers


National Brewers Champion

Chris has won prestigious awards and accolades under her belt. She won the title as a Champion in the 2016 Malaysia Brewers Cup and represented Malaysia in the World Brewers Cup in Dublin. In 2014, Chris won an Outstanding Barista Award and was awarded the 3rd place in JWC The Factory 30 Latte Art Championship. She also assisted as a roaster in the 3rd Global Barista Coffee Championship, of which the team emerged as Champion.

As an experienced and highly-qualified barista, roaster and academy lecturer in the coffee industry, Chris possesses a unique blend of expertise and passion in speciality coffee, coffee roasting, judging national coffee competitions and system building skills. Beyond this, Chris also has the experience of managing coffee academy in the aspects of management and education.

Chris’ deep knowledge and impeccable brewing skills in the coffee industry have proven to be rich resources for her training sessions.

She holds certifications in SCAE Barista Skills Foundation and a Bachelor of Psychology.