According to the report, profit margins of corporate entities using some of the country’s key infrastructure, namely the Apapa port, have gradually dwindled as logistics cost has increased significantly. The accelerating development of technology combined with the rising use of chemicals across industries fuel rapid growth and innovation that could significantly impact the chemicals industry. is uss express legit Understand implications and navigate the new regulatory landscape to meet the rising demand for environmentally sustainable services with advanced market intelligence solutions. Logistics companies are designed to handle high volumes of orders quickly and accurately. This means that logistics companies can often offer lower shipping prices than individual merchants can secure on their own.

overview of US logistics companies

As a result, the manufacturer was losing a lot of business and so it devised the Tradeline program. With the continued growth of individual customer orders, it may once again become possible to ship directly from plants to customers, as in the initial stage of the company’s life cycle.


Commercial due diligence and in-depth market study were conducted as a part of a buyer-side transaction to complement the M&A and business development efforts of a construction and building materials manufacturing company. We enable freight and logistics organizations to adopt market intelligence-driven strategies and digital frameworks to build new revenue streams and enhance their business models. You have slow supply chains or are in need of a supply chain optimization and management solution to get orders processed quicker.

  • Members of logistics groups in operating divisions that are responsible for shorter-range planning and for maintaining an awareness of current problems are kept informed of those elements of corporate strategy that might influence their thinking.
  • At a time when their technological leadership is being threatened by expiring patents and eager competitors, companies like Xerox and IBM may well have to rely on their service programs to maintain the strategic advantage that they have enjoyed in their respective industries for years.
  • This type of differentiation recognizes that customers hold varying levels of expectations.
  • With the inevitable slowing of certain domestic markets, U.S. producers will look abroad to a growing involvement in multinational business.
  • If you’ve already worked in a role where you oversaw inventory management or assisted with procurement, then be sure to highlight these accomplishments on your resume.
  • A bill pending as of August 2021 would overhaul the postal sector and separate the postal operator from the postal regulator.

Many of these efforts have resulted from the realization that once a delivery vehicle stops, the costs of delivery are relatively insensitive to the size of the delivery. These are but three of a growing number of companies that place major reliance on logistics in their business strategies. When an order comes in, the logistics company jumps into action by generating a pick list and picking items, packing, and preparing the products for shipping. Then, logistics companies will run cost comparisons between the major US carriers to determine which carrier offers the best rate. With the inevitable slowing of certain domestic markets, U.S. producers will look abroad to a growing involvement in multinational business. To the extent that this will involve importation and exportation of goods, whether as part of an export program or as a truly multinational production and distribution strategy, multinational business can be much more logistics-intensive than can domestic business.

In this way, Honeywell was better able to control the level of service and sales to its end-customers. At a time when their technological leadership is being threatened by expiring patents and eager competitors, companies like Xerox and IBM may well have to rely on their service programs to maintain the strategic advantage that they have enjoyed in their respective industries for years. While postponement and speculation, standardization, consolidation, and differentiation are all means of achieving strategic competitive advantage, a conscious program of review must be maintained to ensure that they are not overlooked in formulating strategy. As you explore opportunities in logistics, be sure to follow the advice in this blog. Shore up your resume, study up on the industry and work with a recruiter that can help you land the supply chain job of your dreams.

As of 2018, the value of Nigeria’s logistics sector was estimated to be 250 billion naira ($696 million), a rise of 50 billion naira ($140 million) from 2017 figures. This was according to the 2018 Logistics and Supply Chain Industry report as reported by Vanguard. By offering accurate, actionable market insights, we help clients respond to current market trends and anticipate emerging shifts within the transportation and logistics marketplace. For many retailers, online and brick-and-mortar, they will find that their customer satisfaction goes up and their logistics costs go down when they switch to using a fulfillment logistics company instead of self-fulfillment. Some of the savings in inventory provided by a differentiated approach to the location and availability of slow-moving items can be devoted to providing a higher level of in-stock coverage for fast-moving items. As a result, such efforts might produce a profile of coverage and location such as the one shown in Table B.

Top 50 Logistics Companies

These “80/20” relationships can help management determine where the greatest opportunities for improvement in performance lie. It stands to reason that standardization within product lines can reduce production costs, cut inventories, and increase field stock coverage while nevertheless providing the basis for differentiating end products. For example, General Motors is able to produce an endless number of lines, brands, and models of automobiles from its standard A, B, and C auto bodies. Similarly, steel service centers have become important distribution links for uss express com review fabricated steel by bending, cutting, shaping, and even welding basic steel products to order. The wave of decentralized packaging of standard products shipped in bulk to distribution centers suggests that postponement will continue to be an effective means of providing a wide array of desired items from a smaller number of mass-produced and bulk-shipped finished components or ingredients. Logistics can spell the difference between success and failure in business. For example, a few years ago a young engineer-entrepreneur began to build a company from scratch.

overview of US logistics companies

The government of Nigeria regulator, the Nigerian Postal Service , regulates the activities of stakeholders and also operates the Nigerian Post Office , a courier delivery service which competes with the private sector courier operators. A bill pending as of August 2021 would overhaul the postal sector and separate the postal operator from the postal regulator. However, several other aspects of this bill are concerning to the postal sector, including double taxation provisions and a near-monopoly given to NIPOST for courier conveyances under one kilogram.

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The Nigeria Special Economic Zones Investment Company is currently raising capital of $250 million from various lenders to develop free trade zones in Katsina, Abia, and Lagos States which will fill the supply-demand gap in the economy. Gain a deeper understanding of market data with advanced solutions and explore unique business insights that inspire change. Identifying and understanding the business landscape is an essential part of any business and marketing plan. Hence it is essential to have a clear understanding of your target market. We’ll help you develop digital strategies to drive growth and identify new opportunities to upend core business operations. Transportation equipment manufacturers need an advanced approach for handling economic downturns, mainly when predicting global trends & forecasting shifts in demand. Keep the control you want over your fulfillment process without the hassle of managing it all yourself.ShipBob works within a variety of industries with years of experience.


The health of available infrastructure and level of integration directly impacts logistics access, cycle-time, reliability, and cost. Maintaining a competitive logistics and supply chain ecosystem requires a constant and strategic upgrade of regional infrastructure. It also demands high performing government institutions, financing, and industry skills. Logistics can therefore be attributed to be the main indicator of economic advancement expressed boldly in trade facilitation and business competitiveness.

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Logistical considerations will weigh heavily in programs designed to improve the quality of earnings. An examination of the benefits of a focused production strategy may require an analysis of the logistical costs of mixing required by focused plant operations as opposed to the costs of small shipment and mixed shipment transportation and handling required by an unfocused plant production strategy. As I mentioned in the ruled insert, customer expectations and competitive levels of service may vary from product to product and from one geographic area to another. To employ logistics as an effective competitive lever and as a significant component of strategy, management must take two actions.

The ships carried materials in bulk from plants in the Caribbean to Gulf and East Coast ports for subsequent transfer to barges and rail cars for delivery to terminals at which customers’ orders were packed into containers for final delivery by rail and truck. Instead of merely replacing its ships with more modern versions of the same design, the company instead is converting its entire distribution system to one using containers. Top 50 Logistics Companies provide logistics services, including freight brokerage, freight forwarding, warehousing and dedicated contract carriage in North America and are ranked on the basis of annual gross revenue. To be included in the Top 50 list, please send contact information to We will contact you via phone or e-mail to get information about your company prior to publication of the next Top 50 list. The logistics and supply chain sector is one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria, though still in its nascent stage.

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Customs clearance is slow, manual, and fraught with discretion of the agents. This protracted process significantly increases the time goods remain at ports or at sea to undergo inspection, increasing operating costs. The current growth in Nigeria’s logistics is due to infrastructure development in railways and airways, improvement in ties with other countries, development in manufacturing and export sectors, and the rise of e-commerce. Our knowledge hub offers exclusive access to a collection of free resources and downloadable articles that provide insights into market developments and details on how our services can benefit your business. Our proprietary retail fulfillment technology is easy to use and offers our customers a granular level of control over their inventory and order management.