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Training Needs Analysis

Conduct a gaps analysis of your organisation, identify gaps and areas for improvement

Develop the Standard of Operations

Develop SOP's for Operations

Our Training Philosophy

Management Hierarchy

Operations Title

Job Description

Roles and Responsibility

Service Sequence

Skills Mastery through Training

Customized Training Manual

The core of our business is to catalyse the growth of your organisation by changing your daily operational workflow to a highly-practical and relatable Customised Operations Manual for existing or new restaurants. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the F & B industry, we possess the deep knowledge, understanding and on-the-job experience to develop customised training and curriculum for your organisation.
We are also franchise consultants who are highly experienced in franchising restaurants into multi-chain restaurants.
Training Manual is a sales tool to demonstrate that your expertise and robust systems are in place.
We also develop training guides for new franchisee SOP Operations for the front-and-back of the house, legislation requirements as well as compile QSCV- Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value
We help you plan and implement highly effective learning and development solutions

Corporate Retreat and Team Bonding

TriVelope's highly-experienced facilitators organise corporate retreats or team bonding activities with our unique and refreshing approach.

Our corporate retreats and team bonding sessions will invigorate the hearts and minds of your staff, thereby producing better performance for your organisation.  Allow your staff to recalibrate and rediscover passion for their work by empowering them in their learning experience and journey with us.

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