Workplace Demonstration: Train the Trainer Programme


Programme Synopsis

OJT or On-the-Job Training for Team Leader, also known as “Coaching Skills for OJT Trainers” programme, is designed for the Team Leader to learn foundational On-the-Job Demonstration Skills for Workplace Training.

This is a practice-driven programme where Team Leaders learn to develop or manage On-the-Job Demonstration techniques so that information or steps on the task is passed on from trainer/coach to the trainees or direct reports at the Workplace efficiently and effectively. The practice sessions predominantly adopt Role Plays to facilitate the learning process.

By the end of the session

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between OJT versus classroom training and the importance of OJT at the workplace
  • Apply the 5-step OJT coaching model at the workplace
  • Give constructive feedback to (learner’s) trainees for an OJT demonstration session at the workplace

Age Range

At least 18 – 75 years old

No prior work experience required

Basic English language 0r Chinese proficiency required

Duration of each course module

8  hours (One Day)

Mode of Training

Part- Time

Course Fees


The Programme is designed for

This is a foundational programme aim at Supervisors who lead and manage a small group of direct reports at the workplace where OJT demonstration is prevalent. The Team Leader can be a Supervisor or a Section head in any organisational setting.

How will you learn?

This programme is delivered in a classroom-based setting. There will be no assessment in this programme.

Trainer Profile

Pamela Tan