Nurture Your Timeless Beauty with Minerals Makeup


The most beautiful makeup can only be accentuated by a healthy skin from within. Timeless beauty that lasts can be nurtured — with skin-loving ingredients, skin complexion can be improved over time. With these in mind, trainees will be taught how to bring out and nurture their best beauty to last over time, using minerals skincare makeup.  Minerals makeup ingredients are used, as they are antioxidants, thereby possessing the anti-ageing essentials for the skin.

To ensure optimal learning and skills acquisition for the trainee, the course will be capped at a class size of 1-3 trainees only.  The course provides trainees with a mixture of trainer’s demonstration as well as sufficient hands-on, highly practical sessions that are instructor-led.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

·       Use right set of application, shading and highlighting techniques used for mineral foundation, based on individual base tones and face features

·       Apply the various corrective makeup techniques

·       Change quickly and effectively from day to evening makeup

·       Achieve a flawless, translucent makeup and perfect finish

·       Nurture their own timeless beauty over time with beauty and wellness tips

During the course, trainee(s) will apply customised makeup themes of trainee’s choice.  Mode of learning delivery is fully hands-on, with step-by-step makeup instruction and correction by instructor throughout the course.


1.       Mineral Foundation Application

·       Achieving a Flawless, Translucent Makeup

·       Correct selection based on individual base tones

·       Proper concealing depending on individual needs


2.       Recognising Individual Face Shape Features

·       Importance of shading and highlighting

·       Blusher techniques

3.       Corrective Makeup

·       Reshaping of eyebrow

·       Reshaping of lip shape

·       Reshaping of individual eye shape (using surgical eye tape and false-lashes)


4.       Different Makeup Looks

·       Quick and effective change from day to evening makeup


5.       Sealing Makeup

·       Last step to achieve a perfect finish


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