Introduction to Investing & Trading in Cryptocurrency

Introduction to Investing & Trading PIC

Course Objectives

  • Understand what is Bitcoin & cryptocurrency.
  • Learn the methods to store Bitcoin & cryptocurrency on computers, mobile wallets and on exchanges.
  • Understanding cryptocurrency charts and statistics, and what they indicate.
  • Learn about investing, buying, selling, exchanging and trading cryptocurrency.
  • Practical trading exercises using mobile apps wallets.

Course Content

Part 1. What is Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

Part 2. Methods to store Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in wallets and securely.

Part 3. What is an Exchange?

Part 4. How to buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

Part 5. Looking at Cryptocurrency charts and statistics?

Part 6: How to invest, looking at the fundamentals.

Part 7. Getting Started in exchange and trade.

Part 8. Conclusion & Summary. Q & A. The End


Clear Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, trainees are able to:-

1) Gain knowledge about Bitcoin & cryptocurrency.

2) Understand how to store Bitcoin & cryptocurrency in secure digital wallets.

3) Learn the proper procedures to buy Bitcoin & cryptocurrency.

4) Understand Bitcoin & cryptocurrency charts and how to read them.

5) Learn to buy, sell, exchange and trade.

Learner’s Profile

1) Ability to understand English, the medium language use for the course conducted.

2) Maturity & responsibility to understand the risks and rewards involved in investing & trading cryptocurrency.


Knowledge of English and using the computer and/or mobile phone

Duration of each course module

8 hours (One Day)

Mode of Training

Part- Time

Course Fees