Course Objectives

In this 8-hour content-packed course, the trainee will acquire the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to develop six different types of non-alcoholic mocktail beverages. The concoction of these beverages is suitable for sale in a café setting. Trainee will also learn to make their own creation of new beverage from scratch. Trainee will acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies on preparation methods as well as an attractive presentation of the beverage menu. A concoction of a series of beverages to set up your own café and to share with loved ones.


Course Contents

At the end of the course, trainees are able to:

  • Gain knowledge of Barista’s roles & responsibilities as well as the required skills, knowledge and tasks assigned to Barista, in order for a newly hired barista to perform his/her job effectively.
  • Gain knowledge of the various types of glassware used for different types of drinks, to enable efficient task performance while preparing and serving the drinks.
  • Develop workplace hygiene cleanliness and best practices
  • Demonstrate the appropriate product knowledge of the series of non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Carry out the preparation for barista during the opening shift, mid-shift as well as the closing of the outlet.
  • Prepare the mise-en-place for the series of beverage garnishes
    – Dry stock
    – Concoction
    – Garnishes on respective drinks
  • Prepare and serve beverages for six different types of Iced- Premium Mocktail Drinks