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SkillsFuture approved REITs course REITs to Riches: Everything You Need to Know About Investing Profitably in REITs – aims to help retail and institutional investors as well as professionals in the REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) industry understand and appreciate in greater depth the intricacies of REIT as an asset class. Investors are taught the skills of evaluating REITs while professionals will understand the evaluation criteria of investors. The course is highly-practical, focused with plenty of case studies and examples using locally listed REITs.

REITs are one of the most reliable ways to invest as they generate steady and consistent tax-free cash flow. REITs also provides investors access to participate in a diverse range of real estate assets with low capital outlay.

Do you know that REITs have outperformed stocks in the last 15 years? Had you invested in REITs, you would be enjoying a dividend yield will be between 5% to 8% annually. Including capital appreciation, had you invested in a basket of Singapore REITs just five years ago, you would be enjoying over double digit returns annually!

Singapore REITs returned over 15% in the first 5 months of 2019 alone and are expected to continue with its noteworthy returns for the rest of the year.

With these potential promising returns, we are excited to share that the course REITs to Riches: Everything You Need to Know About Investing Profitably in REITs is SkillsFuture credits claimable!

This is a value-packed and possibly the most comprehensive REITs investment course available in Singapore, substantiated with plenty of relevant and up-to-date case studies. The course has received excellent reviews from numerous retail and institutional investors alike.

The trainer – Tam Ging Wien – is best-selling REITs author and an avid equities and real estate investor for over 10 years. He is the co-founder of and – an independent investment site that helps investors level-up their investments in REITs, real estate and equities.

Ging Wien is regularly invited as a speaker for REITs-related conferences, and has also been interviewed on national radio with regards to his views on REITs and is among the distinguished panel of judges for the REITs Asia Pacific 2018 Awards.

Understanding REITs and Business Trust
Understanding the MAS Code on Collective Investment Schemes (CIS)
Understanding REIT Specific Regulations
Understanding the Characteristics of Real Estate Sectors
Understanding How REITs Source Financing for Growth
Understanding Financial Statements of REITs

Financial Evaluation of REITs and Business Trust
Valuing a REIT
Assessing Risk in REITs
Assessing REIT Managers

Constructing Your REITs Portfolio
Hedging your Portfolio

About Instructor

  • Tam Ging Wien

    Mr Tam Ging Wien has been an avid REITs, equities and real estate investor for over 10 years. He is the founder of, a finance blog that focuses on the stock markets of Singapore.