Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange Trading, Hedging and Risk Management

Victor Say
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Course Description

Course Objectives

Fundamentals of Foreign Exchange Trading, Hedging and Risk Management which is 100% SkillsFuture Credit-Claimable. How to deal with FX in the ‘real world’ Explanation of how to deal effectively and with profitability in a ‘real world’ environment with political and economic news having a bearing on the FX market. How to do trade, hedge and manage risk in Foreign Exchange Learn how to trade, hedge and manage downside risk through the use of a systematic process enabled by the habits of mind.

Course Content
  • THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET Mechanics of FX quotation Direct and Indirect quote Bid and offer rate Value dates Cross rates
  • THE FORWARD MARKET Mechanics of calculating forward rates What are interest rate differentials Bid and offer forward points Are forward points at a discount or premium Calculation of cross forward rates What is short-date foreign exchange
  • EFFECT OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICS factors affecting FX rates Long term factors Short term factors Interpretation of U.S and other major economies economic indicators At the end of the course, trainees are able to: Acquire a generic understanding of the Foreign Exchange Market Acquire the understanding of the Foreign Exchange industry knowledge including economic and political climate impacting the industry. Acquire the knowledge of a systematic approach in trading, hedging and managing downside risk in foreign exchange.

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  • Victor Say

    Veteran and Profitable Economic Trader and wizard with more than 35 years of trading experience for big banks and clients.