Handling Customer’s +/- Feedback


Learn how to provide Customer's negative feedback to the next level by identifying the opportunities using recovery skills. Readiness in identify customer's negative body language before the unspoken issues or negative feedback.

Course contents:

  1. Definition of Customer Feedback
  2. Communication skills in negative body languages
  3. Resolve the solution using LARAFT Techniques
  4. Using 'Pro-active ' Approaches

Target audience/Learner’s Profile

  1. Trainee / Service Assistance
  2. Age range: At least 18 – 75 years old
  3. No prior work experience required
  4. Basic English language 0r Chinese proficiency required


7 hours (One Day)

Mode of Training



Minimum and maximum intended class size

Min :10 / Max: 25

Learning methodology

This course is participative, activity-oriented and customer service centric. Knowledge and skills are transferred through experiential learning using creative interactive activities, role play, case studies, mini-lectures and group discussions.