Be a Professional Bridal Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist (1 to 1 coaching)

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The course provides the trainee with a mixture of a trainer’s demonstration as well as sufficient hands-on, highly practical and interactive sessions that are instructor-led. There will be step-by-step makeup instruction and correction by instructor throughout the course.

Learn good techniques for bridal makeup and fashion styling.  At the end of the course, the trainee is able to:

  • Identify and select the best makeup and fashion styling/colours for the bride
  • Use right set of application, shading and highlighting techniques used for mineral foundation, based on individual base tones and face features
  • Apply the various corrective makeup techniques
  • Change quickly and effectively from day to evening makeup
  • Provide good bridal fashion styling advice

Minerals makeup ingredients are used, as they are antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients, thereby possessing the anti-ageing essentials for the skin.

Course Content

At the end of the course, trainees are able to::

1.       Mineral Foundation Application

·       Achieving a Flawless, Translucent Makeup

·       Correct selection based on individual base tones

·       Proper concealing and techniques in covering uneven tones, depending on individual needs

2.       Recognising Individual Face Shape Features

·       Proportions of ideal face shape

·       Importance of shading and highlighting

·       Blusher techniques

3.       Fashion Styling

·       Theory of the bridal fashion

·       Theory of fashion and styling principles

·       Identify different trends of bridal fashion and styling

·       Identify and differentiate bridal fashion and styling for the recommendation based on individual brides’ needs and body-shape

·       Best colour palette

·       Accessories for the bride

4.       Corrective Makeup

·       Identify and differentiate  various shapes of eyebrows

·       Reshaping of eyebrow

·       Reshaping of lip shape

·       Reshaping of individual eye shape (using surgical eye tape and false-lashes)

5.       Different Makeup Looks for the Bride

·       Smokey eyes, dramatic, dual section

·       Retro effect, nude look, layering tones

·       Quick and effective change from day to evening makeup

6.       Sealing Makeup

·       Last step to achieve a perfect finish

To achieve mastery of good hands-on application makeup techniques by trainee, the following complete set of makeup materials will be provided during the course:

·       A line of makeup that has mineral skincare benefits

·       Essential makeup tools

·       Mineral foundation

·       Mineral eyeshadows

·       Blusher makeup palettes

Target audience/Learner’s Profile

Participants that are interested to learn and have passion in working this trade

Age Range

At least 18 – 75 years old

No prior work experience required

Basic English language 0r Chinese proficiency required


14 hours (Two Day)

Mode of Training

Part- Time

Course Fees


Learning methodology

This is a 1-to-1 intensive course with the trainer. Upon completion of the course, the trainee should be equipped to be a professional bridal makeup artist, ready to confidently perform a flawless, translucent makeup and perfect finish as well as provide fashion styling advice for the bride.