Advanced Gel Extension 

Advanced Gel Extension course

Trainees will acquire an in-depth understanding of nail-care services using gel polish, learn the importance of proper nail care as well as learn gel polishing techniques on proper nail application and removal to prevent damage.  Trainees will also understand fundamental of gel extension to perform the gel polish effectively, ensuring that gel polish stays and lasts long on nails.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to confidently perform gel extension with speed and precision, as well as nail care techniques. Trainees will also have an in-depth understanding of hygiene management and infection control for nail care services.

Class size is capped to a maximum of 3 trainees only.

Course Content

  1. Nail Preparation
  • Sanitization and sterilization procedure
  • Proper ways of filing techniques according to nail shapes
  • Purpose of nail buffing
  1. Steps & Procedures of Application
  • 1 tone French
  • Gradient
  1. Gel Sculpting Extension
  • Gel overlays on natural nails
  • Filing steps
  1. A professional way to Remove Gel Extension
  • Avoid Nail Damage

*Full set of manicure and pedicure tools will be provided to trainees throughout the course.

An attractive and comprehensive set of nail kit worth $100 will be given complimentary to trainee upon completion of course.


Target audience/Learner’s Profile

PSLE and above

Age Range

At least 16 – 75 years old

No prior work experience required

Duration of each course module

7 hours (One Day)

Mode of Training

Part- Time

Course Fees


Learning methodology

The course comprises of a mixture of trainer’s demonstration as well as sufficient hands-on, highly practical and interactive sessions that are instructor-led.  In view of the small class size, the trainer will observe and give practical, customised advice on the spot for each trainee. There will be step-by-step instructions for hands-on practice sessions and customised correction from trainer throughout the course.