Customer Service with an IMPACT

This skill describes the ability to apply the knowledge and skills in interacting with and serving Food and Beverage (F&B) customers. It also includes seating customers, taking orders, serving food and beverage, presenting bills and assisting customers with departure.


Handling Customer's +/- Feedback to Increase Sales

This Customer Complaint Handling Training Course aims to help restaurant business by increasing customer transforming customer negative feedback to loyal and retention by providing the skills and knowledge needed to deal with customer complaints effectively.

Changing complaints to Opportunities

Using Laraft Techniques

‘WOW-factor’ Recovery Skills

The Permanent and Lasting Impact on Customer Service

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Create Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu

This skill describes the ability to apply the knowledge and skills in preparing and serve the non- alcoholic beverages and create Drinks menu in order to know the cost and pricing of the respective drinks.

Service with a Smile

Service with a SMILE

This course equips participants with deeper skills that can be applied to the Singapore hawker context, in preserving and uplifting the Singapore hawker trade to a higher level through the provision of excellent customer service


Nurture your timeless beauty with minerals  makeup

The most beautiful makeup can only be accentuated by a healthy skin from within. Timeless beauty that lasts can be nurtured — with skin-loving ingredients, skin complexion can be improved over time. With these in mind, trainees will be taught how to bring out and nurture their best beauty to last over time, using minerals skincare makeup.  Minerals makeup ingredients are used, as they are antioxidants, thereby possessing the anti-ageing essentials for the skin.


Make Your Specialty Mocktail and Drinks Menu

In this 8-hour content-packed course, the trainee will acquire the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to develop six different types of non-alcoholic mocktail beverages. The concoction of these beverages is suitable for sale in a café setting.   The trainer will also learn to make their own creation of new beverage from scratch. The trainee will acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies on preparation methods as well as an attractive presentation of the beverage menu. A concoction of series of beverages to set up your own café or to share with loved ones.