Mastering PDPA compliance & set up of framework policy for Organisations

1) Study & acquire the knowledge of PDPA for implementation of Organisation Compliance.

2) Learn about the 9 Organisation Obligations and how to comply with different industries.

3) Learn about the offences, penalties and civil actions, to take action and prevent occurrences of non-compliance.

4) Study how to comply with Do Not Call or DNC especially for service industries or those who do marketing.

5) Learn the procedures to set up mandatory rules & regulations, policies for organisation compliance.

6) Detailed study of workflow analysis for HR, Marketing & IT departments for PDPA compliance.

7) Understand the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) within the organization.

8) Bring awareness to Management & Business Owners to comply with PDPA.

Course Content

At the end of the course, trainees are able to:-

1) Have fundamental knowledge and foundation of PDPA compliance and their respective roles in it.

2) Know the procedures and steps to write PDPA compliance policies based upon the 9 organisation obligations.

3) How to go about implementing PDPA compliance for their organisation.

4) How to appoint a mandatory Data Protection Officer (DPO).

5) Identify their organisation’s existing and potential lapses in PDPA compliance and to take action on them.

6) Schedule audit checks and how to keep track of PDPA compliance.

Target audience/Learner’s Profile

1) GCE “O’ levels or higher.

2) HR or Compliance certification, if any.

3) Legal or Law certification, if any

4) Cybersecurity or technical certification, if any, for IT department staffs or engineers. 


Knowledge of English and using the computer.


8 hours (One Day)

Course Fees


Trainer Profile

David Lim