Apply DISC Profiling to Manage Behaviour and Enhance Communication at the Workplace


This programme aims to equip individuals with the awareness of how their DISC profile impacts their behaviour and the way they communicate at the workplace.  The learners will further explore how work relationships and performance can be enhanced by understanding how other DISC profile types function.

Course Content

 At the end of the course, trainees are able to:

1.       My Personal DISC Profile – DISC Profiling Test

2.       Characteristics of 4 DISC profile types

3.       Ways which 4 DISC profile impact behaviour and communication

4      Ways to work with individuals of other DISC profile types at the workplace

Target audience/Learner’s Profile

Individuals who desire to enhance their communication skills, reduce conflict in the workplace and/or manage teams more effectively through an understanding of DISC Profiling.

Age Range

At least 18 – 75 years old

Workplace Literacy Level 3 / Pass in Secondary 2 English

Duration of each course module

7 hours (One Day)

Mode of Training

Part- Time

Course Fees


Trainer Profile

Jessline Yap